Knight Center of Digital Excellence round table in Miami


On Monday, the first round table for the new Knight Center of Digital Excellence, was held in Miami. The new center was formed to accelerate digital access projects across the U.S.

The Miami round table group included representatives from local nonprofits, Knight Foundation staff, and members of new Knight Center team, which is staffed and operated by OneCommunity. (Details on the KCDE’s creation in the April press release.) Round table events in other cities will introduce the new center and its goals to those areas.

Lorenzo Lebrija, Knight Foundation program director for Miami, shared how communities can start to be involved with the new center:

And lively questions from the audience followed a panel presentation:

Find out more about this media innovation initiative here, and look for more information on this blog in coming months.

What questions do you have about the new Knight Center? What needs do you think it should address first?