Knight News Challenge: Libraries moves to ‘feedback phase’


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Knight News Challenge: Libraries is now closed.  We received more than 675 submissions, including some offline; we’re still counting, so the final number may change. Thanks to everyone who entered. Here’s what happens next:

From now until Oct. 21, we’ll be in the “feedback” phase where we review the submissions. We invite everyone to join us in looking through the ideas, asking questions and giving feedback.

We read every application we get, but we’ve also asked nine people to join us as (paid) readers; they’ll go through every application and help us select the semifinalists. You can identify them on the site by the “reader” tags on their profile photos.

  • When someone has a comment or a question about your submission, they’ll ask it on the site and you’ll receive an email notification.
  • Note: The readers cannot answer logistical questions about the News Challenge; if you have any of those please, direct them to Chris Barr, [email protected] or on Twitter @heychrisbarr.

Through the end of the feedback phase on Oct. 21, applicants can edit their entries. We recommend that you respond to questions and feedback in the comments section and, if necessary, incorporate any changes into your entry.

On Oct. 21, we’ll send notices to the submissions we select as semifinalists, with an additional set of questions about each project due by Oct. 28.

On Nov. 4, we’ll gather a set of outside advisers to help us select the finalists, whom we’ll interview in person. We will notify that group by Nov. 7.

On Dec. 8 we will recommend a group of Knight News Challenge winners to the foundation’s board of trustees.  We will announce those winners in January 2015.

Again, thank you to everyone who applied, and thanks to those of you who are contributing your comments and thoughts to the challenge. We also want to thank the many people who shared their thoughts about the challenge on Knight Blog.

Here’s the list of folks you’ll see reading your applications (but if you have specific questions reach out to Chris Barr,  [email protected] or on Twitter @heychrisbarr):

Chris Barr is director of media innovation at Knight Foundation.