Knight News Challenge on networks – moving to the next round

Photo Credit: Flickr user Thomas Hawk

We just finished selecting the 52 proposals that will go to the next round of the Knight News Challenge on networks. (You can see 49 of them listed below; two were closed entries and we don’t have permission from the applicant to share.)

Included in this 52 are the five applications that generated the most chatter on Tumblr: Amauta; Cont3nt, the Unconsumption Project, and PreScouter.

This week, 19 experts are reading and voting on those final 52 in preparation for an all-day gathering at our office on Friday. Our goal is to leave that meeting with 10-15 projects that we will explore even more deeply over the next couple of weeks. We expect to bring 4-6 of those for consideration by Knight Foundation trustees in mid-June, and publicly announce the winners at MIT on June 18. Consultant Ryan Jacoby has a summary of the trends he saw in reviewing all of the 1,078 applications we received. I’ll just add that the review process was a difficult one – we’ve had to decline a lot of promising ideas. Each application was read three times, many were read more. However, I am excited about this final batch and confident that we’re going to end up with some exciting projects. I want to say thanks to all who applied, as well as to the extraordinary group of people who reviewed the review of the entries with us: Joaquin Alvarado Brian Boyer, Steve Buttry, Blaine Cook, Amanda Cox, Jake  Dobkin, Kate Gardiner, Josh Greenberg, Julie Moos, Catherine Orr, Julie  Shapiro, Hari  Sreenivasan, Kio Stark, Elena Rue, Kristen Titus, Sarah Rich, Jeremy Mims, Tim Hwang, Eric Rodenbeck; Andrew Golis, Amanda Lenhart, Ryan  Jacoby, Max Ogden and Benjamen Walker.  Here’s who is moving forward in the challenge:

Amauta (Eric French)

Asia Beat (Jeffrey Wasserstrom/Angilee Shah)

Change the Ratio (Rachel Sklar)

CitJo (Sarah Wali/Mahamad El Tanahy) 

Connecting the global Hacks/Hackers network (Burt Herman, Hacks/Hackers) (Anton Gelman/Daniel Shaw)

Cowbird (Jonathan Harris/Aaron Huey)

Data Networks are Local (Eric Gundersen, Development Seed)

DifferentFeather (Elana Berkowitz/Amina Sow)

DIY drone fleets  (Ben Moskowitz/Jack Labarba)

Docs to WordPress to InDesign (William Davis, Bangor Daily News)

Electoral College of Me (John Keefe/Ron Williams)

EnviroFact (Beth Parke/Chris Marstall) Open Mobile Sourcing (Nadav Aharony/Alan Gardner; MIT)

Global Censorship Monitoring System  (Ruben Bloemgarten, James Burke, Chris Pinchen)

Google News for the Social Web (Sachim Kandar, Andrew Montalenti,

Hawaii Eco-Net (Jay April, Maui Community Television) (Dan Whaley/Randall Leeds) (Marcus Messner and Yan Jin) (Anton Gelman/Daniel Shaw)

Mesh Potato 2.0 (Steve Song/David Rowe)

Mobile Publishing for Everyone (David Jacobs/Blake Eskin/Natalie Podrazik)

NOULA (Tayana Etienne) (Eduardo Hauser/Jeff Warren)

PreScouter (Dinesh Ganesarajah)

Prozr (Pueng Vongs/Sherbeam Wright)

Rbutr (Shane Greenup/Craig O’Shannessy) (Caitria O’Neill/Alvin Liang) 

Sensor Networks for News (Matt Waite, University of Nebraska)

Shareable (Seth Schneider and Neal Gorenflo)

Tethr (Aaron Huslage/Roger Weeks)

The PressForward Dashboard (Dan Cohen/ Joan Fragaszy Troyano, George Mason University)

ThinkUpApp (Gina Trapani/Anil Dash)

Tracks News Stories  (David Burrows,

Truth Goggles (Dan Schultz)

Truth Teller (Cory Haik/Steven Ginsberg, Washington Post)

Unconsumption Project (Rob Walker/Molly Block)

UNICEF GIS (Joseph Agoada, UNICEF)

Watchup (Adriano Farrano/Jonathan Lundell)

Water Canary (Sonaar Luthra/Zach Eveland)

A Bridge Between WordPress and Git (Robert McMillan / Evan Hansen)

In the Life (Joe Miloscia, American Public Media)

Get to the Source (Joanna S. Kao/MIT)

Farm-to-Table School Lunch (Leonardo Bonanni, Sourcemap) (Michael Trice)

Protecting Journalists (Diego Mendiburu and Ela Stapley)