Miami investors group leaders reflect on 2 years of growth—and look ahead to the future

Nico Berardi (above, left) is the board chair of Accelerated Growth Partners and Raul Moas (above, right) is the new managing director. This month Berardi, the outgoing managing director, begins pursuing a graduate degree at Harvard University. Moas is a Miami native and former executive director of nonprofit the Roots of Hope.

We like to define the first two years at Accelerated Growth Partners as a successful prototype stage. We proved—to ourselves mostly—that our model works in Miami. To date, AGP has made 21 investments in 17 companies totaling $4.6 million. All are direct local investments in early-stage tech ventures. We proved that there’s a critical mass of individuals willing to bet on Miami tech when there’s a process and a community behind it that they trust. We have proven there’s enough quantity and quality of companies looking for our kind of capital. The fact that AGP is now self-sustaining proves that what we do is valuable to the community at large.

During our prototype phase we built limited features around two areas: angel investing and education. For the investing piece, we developed a strong pipeline of exciting companies and a group of 80 members who want to back them. On the education side, we partnered with Greenberg Traurig, the Kellogg School of Management and Knight Foundation to deliver 12 workshops that almost a thousand people attended.

We’re doubling down on our core mission: to build the local venture investing ecosystem. As we take down our beta sign, we’re thrilled to announce the change in leadership.

In scaling our investments and our education programs, we will be pulling on two main levers. The first is adding value post-investment. There’s a wealth of non-financial resources within the AGP community that we want to be sure is available to our portfolio companies in a meaningful way. The second is engagement. We are creating more opportunities for our members to engage directly with entrepreneurs, with each other and with the corporate world through deep immersive experiences. Stay tuned for specific announcements.

We really want to thank the entrepreneurs who have invited us into their home (or at least to their cap table), our investors who have backed up their words by investing capital, all of our local partners, and Knight Foundation, which seeded AGP two years ago.

This is only the beginning; the best is yet to come.

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