Mobile Digital Media–everywhere by next year

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Claire Austin is a Journalism Program Intern at Knight Foundation.

Information is the electricity of the 21st century, underlying everything.

In an Aspen Institute report “Civic Engagement on the Move: How mobile media can serve the public good” (.pdf) J.D. Lasica writes “more than 80 percent of Americans ages 5 to 24 will use mobile digital media by next year.”

In another of Lasica’s Aspen Institute publications, “Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing: The next-generation Internet’s impact on business, governance, and social interaction,” (.pdf) William T. Coleman explores how mobile media will make civic’engagement much easier by providing the user with access to the cloud computing network at any place or time while still protecting the user’s identity.’

And for journalists, Mark’Glaser at Media Shift is wondering lately if Twitter will change the world and Michele McLellan at the Knight Digital Media Center has blogged about ways for journalists to engage social media users.

Facebook can be used as a reporting tool too with the new NewsCloud’Facebook App,

which builds a youth audience through two publications with new approaches to outreach and marketing. One focuses on environmental issues and another is geared toward college students in Minnesota. ”

Other good examples of mobile digital media in journalism?