New contest to create easier online access to government services

America’s Digital Inclusion Summit has concluded. Video from the Summit will be posted later. In the meantime, you can view tweets about the event by following #BBplan.

During the opening remarks of America’s Digital Inclusion Summit, Knight Foundation President and CEO Alberto Ibarügen announced a new contest to develop web apps that would access government and community data and services. The Apps for Inclusion Challenge is a joint-effort by the FCC and Knight Foundation to tap the power of broadband and increase transparency in American government.

“Knight is teaming up with the FCC to create the Knight/FCC Apps for Inclusion Challenge. The concept is straightforward: Both Knight and FCC believe in transparent government and universal digital access as democrative ideals. To prove it, we’ll be offering cash prizes to the software developers who can invent the best technological solutions to create easier online access to government services and information,” said Ibarügen.

Details of the contest will be announced soon. Read the official press release here.

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