News Challenge Winner David Cohn Interviews Fellow Winners Martin Moore and Ryan Sholin

At Knight HQ, we think of the Knight News Challenge winners as part of a special community, so we were delighted to see 2008 winner David Cohn‘s recent video interviews of fellow News Challenge winners Martin Moore and Ryan Sholin from the Editor and Publisher conference in Las Vegas last week.

David Cohn’s project,, will let communities fund specific journalism reports. (Watch David talk about his project in yesterday’s post.)

Below, David interviews Martin Moore, who is working with Sir Tim Berners-Lee on a project about transparent journalism through the Media Standards Trust organization.

And Ryan Sholin is working on a project called Reporting On, which will let reporters talk to each other as they report; David talks with Ryan about the Reporting On project, cycles of sharing, and feed readers.

Thanks, David, for posting these interviews.

What questions to do you have for these three winners?