Reflections from MTV Choose or Lose Street Team Member

Journalism / Article

MTV Choose or Lose Street Team ’08 (a Knight News Challenge—the $5 million yearly contest to fund innovative ideas about local news delivery—project) member Alex Parker wrote this review of his year covering the election for Kansas:

I posted my final video for MTV News’ (EMMY AWARD-WINNING!) Choose or Lose Street Team ’08, a Knight Foundation initiative that used 51 citizen journalists (hate that term) to cover the youth movement during the election.

This project was rewarding, though sometimes frustrating. But looking back on it, it provided me with skills, insight and ideas that I never had before. I can edit a video like a whiz, our Election Day-tweets were posted on Times’ Square HD board and I interviewed Ralph Nader. Pretty cool.

He details other highlights of his year, including embedding with the 1st Infantry Division’s Dagger Brigade as they trained for Iraq at Fort Irwin, California, and being linked to by Daily Kos for a story on State Sen. Donald Betts, who “got smoked in the general election.”

You can read more of his favorite moments on his blog post.