What Makes People Passionate About Where They Live? Find Out More This Fall.

A Knight Foundation team in Charlotte’sparked discussion today on what makes people loyal to and passionate about where they live ‘ and what that means for communities.

The talk at the’National School Public Relations Association conference centered on the findings of the’Soul of the Community survey, conducted’for Knight Foundation’by Gallup. In its first two years, the survey found that an area’s aesthetics, or physical beauty, social offerings and openness to all people provide the emotional glue that keeps residents happily entrenched.

The report also explores the nuance of various factors, such as good schools, that keep people put. On Twitter,’Richie Escovedo (‘Vedo’) cited the ‘survey:'”Community engagement and attachment is *different* from involvement and largely untapped…”

The survey also delves deeper, to explore whether communities with more attached residents are better off. So far, two years of results have found a significant relationship between people’s passion and loyalty for their community and local economic growth.

Results from the survey’s third round will be announced in the fall.