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    Above: The organizers of Chicas Poderosas FIU, courtesy of Chicas Poderosas. Chicas Poderosas on Vimeo courtesy of Abanico Films. Barbara Corbellini Duarte, a multimedia journalist at the South Florida Sun Sentinel, is an organizer of Chicas Poderosas FIU, a two-day conference sponsored by Knight Foundation in April at Florida International University. When I decided to organize the first Chicas Poderosas FIU as a way of empowering students, I didn’t know I would be the one who would leave feeling empowered. Chicas Poderosas seeks to help move women into the vanguard of innovation in newsrooms, providing training and support to help them move into leadership roles. Women don’t always realize how much pressure society imposes on them until behaviors that inhibit this are already ingrained. At least that was my case. I’ve never wanted to be rescued, but pop culture, media and society have always told me that was my role to play since very early on. While boys have hundreds of superheroes role models, girls are often stuck with damsel-in-distress princesses, girlfriends and wives being rescued over and over. Slowly, those messages create insecurities, developing into such behaviors as apprehensiveness about negotiating salaries at work or taking a seat at the business table.