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    2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellows. Credit: Knight-Mozilla OpenNews. Erika Owens is the program manager for Knight-Mozilla OpenNews. The Knight-Mozilla Fellowship places creative technologists in newsrooms to work on open-source tools and support reporting that strengthens the Web and changes people's lives. The fellowships are part of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, supported by Knight Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation. Knight-Mozilla Fellows spend 10 months working with newsroom technology teams to write open-source code, analyze and visualize data, and explore tough problems facing journalism. The 2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellows are the fifth cohort in the program and they join over two dozen alumni fellows. In 2016, the fellows will be hosted by the Los Angeles Times Data Desk, NPR, Vox Media, Frontline, Correct!v, and The Coral Project (a collaboration of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Mozilla). Applicants to the fellowship came from all over the world, and from many different fields: 560 people interested in working in journalism. They heard about the fellowship from a variety of sources, including many of OpenNews’ own programs such as its conference SRCCON, its website Source, and outreach at code convenings and OpenNews-sponsored events.