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    "Walking in Georgia," by Murat Yazar.  Journalist Paul Salopek is retracing the path of early human migration through his Out of Eden Walk, a seven-year project that originated in Ethiopia in 2013 and will conclude 21,000 miles later in South America. Knight Foundation supports the project to develop new forms of digital storytelling and audience engagement. Fast is good. So says the gospel of journalism. To be slow is an insult. An epithet. A flaw. If you are slow, you get scooped. You are left behind. You become irrelevant. You fail. This adoration of speed has only intensified as the Web takes the lead in disseminating news. Click on any news aggregator. Thousands of micro-headlines bloom every day, every hour, across the globe. (As I write this post, there are 19,418 articles available on the terrorism attacks in France on Google News alone.) Media information is exploding partly because, today, anyone with a cellphone is a reporter—or rather, a recorder of current events. (Globally, there are 7 billion mobile devices and connections now in use: one for every bipedal hominid with prehensile thumbs on the planet.) Watching breaking-news headlines churn online is like watching plankton surfacing and sinking ceaselessly, endlessly and in the end incomprehensibly, on a vast yet shallow digital sea. This is why I’m walking across the world.