Coast to Coast Ep. 8: Civic life in the digital public square


What does civic participation and activism look like during a time of social distancing? On Episode 8 of Coast to Coast, we’ll be chatting with Mona Sloane and Warren Flood to explore how COVID-19 has affected civic life.

Mona Sloane, PHD is a Technology Fellow at NYU’s Alliance for Public Interest and Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge, as well as adjunct professor at the Tandon School of Engineering. Warren Flood is Microsoft’s Corporate Affairs Manager for Detroit, where he works with civic leaders, community stakeholders, and the citizens they serve to tackle urban challenges by leveraging Microsoft’s resources to empower every person and every organization in Detroit to achieve more.

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Coast to Coast is a weekly conversation which will take a deep dive into cities and explore ideas and insights on building engaged communities in a time of rapid change. Hosted by Lilian Coral and Lilly Weinberg, Knight directors in the Community and National Initiatives program.

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