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The Future of Democracy Ep. 40: Big tech + communities of color


Technology plays an essential role in our society, connecting us to important information, opportunities and services. In the past year, communities of color have leveraged technology to mobilize action around pandemic relief, voting and our nation’s racial reckoning. But amid tech’s prevalence, Black communities and other communities of color face disparate impacts of misinformation and discrimination on tech platforms. How can tech companies prevent harm faced by communities of color on their platforms? What role do policymakers and tech leaders have in addressing misinformation online? On Episode 40 of “The Future of Democracy,” we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges of tech for America’s BIPOC community.



  • Check out Dr. Harrison’s paper on civil rights violations in the face of technological change:
  • For more information on Knight’s tech research click here:
  • Dr. Harrison talks about how big tech CEOs must do more than admit misinformation is harmful to communities of color:
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