Informed & Engaged Ep. 1: A Moment of Reckoning

A Moment of Reckoning: How Journalism Can Begin to Dismantle Its Systems of Racism (Monday, June 15, 2020)

The inaugural episode of Informed & Engaged, a new weekly Knight show on the ideas and solutions impacting the media landscape, kicked off with a conversation that meets the moment but remains long overdue.

This program takes a hard look at journalism and how it has been complicit in upholding systemic racism. Martin Reynolds, co-executive director of the Maynard Institute, will talk with S. Mitra Kalita, the senior vice president of news, opinion and programming at CNN Digital, and Sara Lomax-Reese, president and CEO of WURD Radio, one of the few black-owned talk radio stations in the country.

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Informed & Engaged is a weekly Knight Foundation show that unpacks the ideas and solutions impacting the changing media landscape.  Hosted by the Knight Journalism team

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