Funding restrictions – Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation’s board of trustees prefer not to fund:

  • Requests for support of fundraising events;
  • Requests to cover operating deficits;
  • Charities operated by service clubs;
  • Activities that are normally the responsibility of government (The foundation will, in selective cases, partner with government in supporting special projects.);
  • Medical research; organizations or projects whose mission is to prevent, eradicate or alleviate the effects of a specific disease; requests from hospitals (unless they are for community-wide capital campaigns with a stated goal and beginning and ending dates, or for specific projects that meet foundation goals);
  • Activities to propagate a religious faith or that are restricted to one religion or denomination; support of political candidates; memorials;
  • International programs and organizations, except U.S.-based organizations supporting a free press around the world;
  • A second request for a capital campaign for which the foundation previously approved a grant;
  • Conferences; group travel; honoraria for distinguished guests—except in initiatives of the foundation in all three cases;
  • The board and program staff remain open to ideas and opportunities and will exercise flexibility when needed.