Inter American Press Association Resolution

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From Marly Falcon, Knight Foundation contributing blogger:

The World Press Freedom Committee points out that only 21 percent of the world’s people live in countries with a fully free press.

Cuba is on the list of countries without a free press. The Cuban government has restrained press freedom, the right to free expression of ideas and citizens’ access to information without government censorship, according to the Inter American Press Association’s report from the Resolution of the 65th General Assembly.

There have been at least 102 cases of repression against independent journalists reported throughout the country since April.’ The number of journalists in Cuban jails increased to 27 with sentences ranging from one to 28 years. Several of the imprisoned journalists are suffering from serious health problems, but the government refuses to allow a special release for those prisoners.

There is currently a growing movement of bloggers going against state control on information and use of the Internet, which is still restricted for the Cuban people.

About 30 personal blogs with information about the situation in Cuba are being produced. However, almost none can be viewed from Cuba because of increased government surveillance and the blocking of those pages. The content is updated by collaborators in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

It’s been reported that the government is attacking independent journalists and bloggers. On Nov. 6, police captured and beat blogger Yoani Sanchez and other independent bloggers in the street while they were trying to attend a peaceful demonstration in Havana.

The IAPA, according to the General Assembly report, demands the unconditional release of jailed journalists and government respect for the work of independent journalists.

It demands the suspension of repression against independent bloggers.

It condemns the intensification of government control of the Internet and the deliberate blocking of Web sites that disseminate information and ideas that do not conform to the line of the government media.

It condemns the recent detention and violent beating by officers of Yoani Sanchez and a group of independent bloggers.

Let it be known that these occurrences are not just happening in Cuba. Impunity is a worldwide issue. Click here to learn more.