A bright and bold show at Projective Eye

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Through Sept. 24 the Projective Eye Gallery at UNC Charlotte’s Center City building has on display a bright and bold show featuring the artworks of Linda Luise Brown, Marge Loudon Moody and Greg Scott. The exhibition, “CHROMA: Lyrical Lines and Compulsive Color,” is enticing for the vibrant colors that leap off the white gallery walls and the compilation of these three artists whose works harmonize seamlessly. Each of these artists explores the world around them through an abstract artistic method utilizing dramatic colors and strong, sensual lines.

"CHROMA: lyrical lines and compulsive color"

“CHROMA: Lyrical Lines and Compulsive Color”

"Meadow" by Linda Luise Brown 2009

“Meadow” by Linda Luise Brown, 2009

"Owl and hare series/ whiskey jug" by Greg Scott 2014

“Owl and Hare Series: Whiskey Jug” by Greg Scott, 2014

"Blue Chicago Series: Shadow" by Marge Loudon Moody 2013

“Blue Chicago Series: Shadow” by Marge Loudon Moody, 2013

Projective Eye Gallery: 320 E. Ninth St.; open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.