Alexey Taran’s “Imaginarium”

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On Friday, November 9th, Alexey Taran, an Artist in Residence at Inkub8 (a Knight Arts grantee), will welcome audiences to “Imaginarium” — a dance, theater and film experience that provides insights into an emerging new theory of consciousness and movement.


Just imagine a life in which the need to create no longer exists. Imagine a world without art — dance and song, sculpture and architecture, iPhones and nano technology. It would be boring and hollow, but it also has environmental, economic and social consequence that must be reckoned with.

Imaginarium digs deep into the mud and explores the fundamental questions of human existence: Why do we create what we create? Why do we get stuck in old patterns of thought and consciousness? What do we do with all this stuff once it’s here? And, why are we here, anyway?

Through dance and cinematography, Taran challenges “our preconceived notions of how dance must be and look.” The main characters, Ana and Ruben, abandon reality and retreat into their imagination, which is a dangerous prescription for losing touch. Or is it?

IMAGINARIUM | Photo bistoury inc

“Imaginarium.” Photo by Bistoury Inc.

The performance is structured as a play along with a film crated by performer, writer and director Carla Forte. Her film focuses on the impact of “excessive consumerism,” with the goal of fostering a new conception of responsible consumption. Taran, whose multidisciplinary performance “BOLO” was realized thanks to a Guggenheim Fellowship, asks the audience to enter Imaginarium to confront the complex and conflicting world of needs and wants that sometimes lead to social disorder.

Enter “Imaginarium” on Friday, November 9th, 7-9 p.m. at Inkub8, 2021 NW 1st Place, Miami; 305-482-1621; Imaginarium will also run Dec. 6-22 at the Miami Theater Center; for a schedule of performances, visit