Archival Feedback is research and fieldwork, print and sonic map – Knight Foundation

Archival Feedback is research and fieldwork, print and sonic map

Initially conceived by Emile Milgrim and T. Wheeler Castillo, Archival Feedback is an interdisciplinary dialog stemming from an attempt to document the ever-changing landscape of South Florida. The project centers around field recordings (“calls”) collected by Milgrim and Wheeler Castillo between 2012-14 with corresponding “responses” composed by selected artists utilizing these recordings. The audio was mastered by Rat Bastard at Dan Hosker Studio in Miami Beach and compiled as a vinyl LP and cassette single. A collection of prints, authored and printed by Milgrim and Wheeler Castillo at Turn-Based Press in Miami, informs the listening, references history and reacts to the landscape.

Suspended in...

Side A of the record explores South Florida but through a heightened aural sense, sounds perhaps that most have become desensitized to or haven’t considered listening to more closely. Utilizing various types of microphones and methods, the recordings are immersive and meant to be experienced through headphones. Each response on the F side not only incorporates elements of its corresponding call, but integrates the artists’ scope of interests, from research and practice, to repurposing, memorizing, processing, live improvisation, and sequencing. T. Wheeler Castillo designed each print composition, layering history, experience, and memory in the scale of the record, each reflecting Archival Feedback’s production visually. For example, Raga, a traditional melodic formula of Hindu music, fixed in shape, rhythm, and ornamentation, gave him leeway to visualize sound. The imagery of Suspended In… references Theodor De Bry’s Grand Voyages and recontextualizes one of the Dutch engraver’s misunderstandings. A complete portfolio of 5 prints accompanies the record, each idea refined and hand printed by Milgrim and Wheeler Castillo. Contributing artists: Coral Morphologic (Jared McKay), Dim Past, Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Fsik Huvnx, io.ko, and Ortrotasce. Archival Feedback is out on Other Electricities May 5th, 2015. Stream: Ortrotasce – “Echo Response” (AF Single) Stream: Archival Feedback: Little Haiti Set Upcoming AF Events: