Art that turns you ’round

Franky Cruz at Spinello Projects. Photo by Peter Vahan

The world starts to spin when you walk into Franky Cruz’s two-room trip, staged at Spinello Projects new space in what is being called West of Wynwood, called “The World Is Yours.” In the first room, there’s a little green plant growing out of a little bit of dirt carved out of the floor. The second piece in the room hangs from the ceiling: a screen loops a video of the artist’s face spinning around, as the camera that is placed on a turntable records the image above it. Headphones hang from the piece, and you can listen either standing or lying on the floor.

In the next room, the spinning continues, with three screens unspooling the same video, which starts from a stationary view of a boom box and starts to whirl with the speed of the turntable, this time the camera capturing the accoutrements of Cruz’s home/studio. The sound track here is the Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” As the video speeds up, so does the music. Anyone who recognizes this song will likely also free-associate with another Abbey Road classic, “Because,” as the lyrics relate to the theme of the installation: “Because the World is Round, It Turns Me On.” In the middle of the room sits a royal-red chair with a big plant in its seat, with a new sprout shooting from its singular trunk — it grew while in the space.

Cruz&squot;s "World" is starting to spin

Cruz’s “World” is starting to spin.

In other words “The World is Yours” is not a somber, dark video installation. In fact, it almost feels as though it harkens back to those Beatles years, when tripping around was simply a liberating experience, unencumbered by the cynicism and ubiquitous ironic wink that has infused the contemporary art  world in the following 30 years.

It’s a smooth show for Anthony Spinello to inaugurate his project space, which now accompanies the main gallery on N.W. 7th Ave. Don’t miss what is in the main space while there, a reading room with books culled from Miamians, which will end with a performance by the artists who created it, Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright. Both exhibits should turn you on.

“The World Is Yours” runs through Aug. 16 and “The State of the Book” runs through the end of September at Spinello Projects, 2930 N.W. 7th Ave., Miami; 786-271-4223;