Artists Named for Live/Work Residency in Miami

By Kathleen Carignan, executive director, LegalArt

Light and color, sound and noise, knives and sickles, masks and drinking straws—these images and articles make up the work of LegalArt’s first residents. With funding from the Knight Arts Challenge, LegalArt is creating the first Live/Work Residency Program in Miami, expected to open later this spring in the Downtown Arts and Entertainment District. Many talented artists applied and we have selected the six Miami artists that will live in the residency this year: Carlos Ascurra, Pachi Giustinian, Jiae Hwang, Alvaro Lizarbe, Manny Prieres, and Jen Stark. I am thrilled to see what they will create in the residency designed by artist Daniel Arsham and architect Alex Mustonen. Large windows, multiple power sources, and exhaust for each studio—these studios have been designed by an artist for artists. The space is clean and open with polished concrete floors and lots of natural light. The artists will have their own studio with a shared kitchen, dining and lounging area to encourage collaboration and interaction.

The artists will live and work in the space for a year, participating in LegalArt programming, collaborating, and spearheading a give-back program for the community.

Each artist brings a unique element to the residency. Carlos Ascurra is part of the intriguing group Viking Funeral playing with sound and public exhibitions to create a dialogue with the audience. Pachi Giustinian, an artist who plays with light and materials, recently moved to Miami from Argentina last year. She made an impact with her part in the group show Littlest Sister at Spinello Gallery during Art Basel 2009. She will be having a solo show at Spinello later this spring. Jiae Hwang’s delicate and mathematical explorations of the world will benefit from a dedicated live/work studio and she looks forward to the collaboration with other artists. Alvaro Lizarbo will continue to use mask and tribal elements in his designs and imagery. Manny Prieres is looking forward to expanding his sculptures in the large studio space and continuing to push himself to explore outside his comfort zone. Jen Stark will use the residency to create larger works and further explore different textures she creates with her work.

With one-on-one counseling, collaboration with visiting artists and curators and LegalArt’s professional education SeminArt programs these artists will grow as professional artists and create new connections around the world.