Bass Museum of Art through student eyes

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By Mariana Corbalan, Bass Museum of Art

Bass Museum of Art has many wonderful artworks.  The Egypt gallery displays many artifacts that are over 2,000 years old, including a real mummy! The Taplin gallery houses the permanent collection of old masters’ paintings dating back to the 15th century.

When visiting the Bass, students explore the different ways artists explore the arts by using an array of mediums. Because the Bass Museum of Art’s mission is “to inspire and educate by exploring the connections between our historical collections and contemporary art”, many artists we showcase respond to traditional art forms by using 21st century technology.

When introducing the Egypt gallery to students, they had the opportunity to reflect on the art that was created by the Egyptians on the artifacts as part of their culture and way of life.  Students created 3-dimensional representations of pyramids, Egyptian symbols and mask-making, write in hieroglyphs, design a sarcophagus, and participate in role-playing to demonstrate understanding.

Students viewed artifacts from our permanent Egyptian collection dating back 3,000 years. Also in our permanent collection are paintings from 15th-17th-century Europe along with pieces from our contemporary collection that are direct responses to our historical artwork. Sandro Botticelli, Jacob Jordaens, Peter Paul Rubens, and more.  Students were also involved in character skits to identify the culture and lifestyle of the time period.

The historical, religious work was created by old masters like, Sandro Botticelli, Jacob Jordaens, Peter Paul Rubens, Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlemand, more. The Egyptian artifacts are objects from the past dating over 2,000 years and are displayed for the museum goer to explore the pieces as art, but also for modern man to make connections with the past and realize the differences and similarities there are in today’s culture and life style.

Students and teachers can view our website by clicking here. Our website also has a great link using our Egypt exhibit and resources for teachers.