Camping and a concert with Maryex and Gravey Jones performing live

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Maryex with special guest Gravey Jones at Paradise Off Road Park flyer.

Imagine one big day of hanging out at some campgrounds to attend a live concert, with Maryex and Gravey Jones blessing the stage with their live performances. Moreover, the concert is just a part of the day’s adventure. The whole family can hop in the RV, car or pickup truck that hitches a trailer for ATVs and dirt bikes. This shindig permits you to bring your four-wheelers to wander on their custom ATV trails. You can also pack up the swimsuits and fishing rods, just in case you want to swim or fish. Gates to the park open at 9 a.m., and the live music begins at 7:30 p.m. on October 4 at the Paradise Off Road Park at 1276 Sgoda Road. This show is a perfect example of how to make full use of green space. The park is equipped with bathrooms and showers especially to accommodate camping and a concert.

Now, besides all of the extracurricular activities like camping and fishing, Sean Wall will be coordinating his light show as Maryex performs. Maryex is an alternative band from Macon that consists of three members. All of them contribute their vocal talents. However, when we run a break down on them Daniel “Gravey” Graves plays the strums the bass, Travis Reeves taps the drums and Shawn Williamson picks the guitar. Maryex’s music has a sort of hypnotic feel as you listen to it. The tone of their voices along with the rhythm of the music will place you in a melodic trance. Now, their special guest, Gravey Jones, sings and plays the bass and the guitar. His music can be described as down home blues with a twist of funk and pop. This will definitely be a great show that exhibits raw talent from some of our very own Middle Georgia local artists.

General admission is $10. If you bring your ATVs or dirt bikes, it’s $20. All RVs that need to use the park’s electricity will be charged $25. This outdoor fun with Maryex and their special guest, Gravey Jones, takes place on October 4 at the Paradise Off Road Park at 1275 Sgoda Road. Gates open at 9 a.m., and the concert starts at 8 p.m.