Documentary photos at Center for Emerging Visual Artists

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The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) has an upcoming documentary photography show entitled “Displaced.” Two photographers are showcased in this exhibition: Noah Addis and Bohyun Yoon. The opening will be on Thursday, Aug. 25 from 5 to 7 p.m. and will also feature a reception and talks by the artists.

Both Philadelphia-based photographers, Addis and Yoon, come from very different origins, but their work tends to overlap in some socially relevant ways. Addis’ photos document the Colorado River and the communities that depend on its water for their existence. The images he displays speak to the emergence of the American West’s agriculture and urbanization, which ultimately require this waterway for their development.

Yoon’s photos also delve into displaced and relocated populations, but specifically those of immigrant and mixed urban communities in the United States. The installation created by Yoon documents the residents of his diverse Philadelphia neighborhood. These photographs of the inhabitants are screen-printed on glass, which hints at the common ground shared by everyone as well as transparency of communication.

Bohyun Yoon

Center for Emerging Visual Artists will present “Displaced” as part of its Spotlight Exhibitions. These two-person shows focus on the Center for Emerging Visual Artists’ Career Development Fellows, highlighting significant work from the second year of their fellowship.

With a lens focused on displaced domestic populations, work like this can certainly get us thinking on a global scale as well. Between unrest in Europe and the Middle East, as well as severe famine in Eastern Africa and droughts in Texas, this topic could not be of greater importance. Be sure to stop by the gallery and speak with the artists on August 25 and learn some more about the work they’ve been doing and the communities they document.

Center for Emerging Visual Artists is located at 237 S. 18th St., The Barclay, on the third floor; 215-546-7775.