Exploring the intersections of music & poetry

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By Teddy Abrams, NWS Conducting Fellow

The New World Symphony and the O, Miami Poetry Festival team up to present an evening exploring the connections between music and poetry on Wednesday, April 6 at 7 PM at the New World Center (the New World Symphony’s brand new performance space) in Miami Beach. The program is hosted by NWS Conducting Fellow Teddy Abrams and features soprano Anna Davidson and renowned artist Michele Oka Doner as poetry reader. This eclectic project will present songs from the early Rennaissance to experimental contemporary works, poems paired with music, musical improvisation to poetry, and will “dissect” how these art forms inspire and interact with each other. For more information, click here .

Inside the Music: Poetry in Music: Wednesday, April 6. New World Center, 500 17 St, Miami Beach; Free