Free Artists U events in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and South Carolina

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By Andrew Simonet, Artists U

Artists U’s fall schedule of free workshops and events is out, including:

A book talk: Making Your Life as an Artist in Charleston, SC. (October 22) Our free downloadable book has been read by over 70,000 artists in 150 countries. (We only need only 30,000 more to reach our goal of 100k.) Author Andrew Simonet will talk about the book and building a balanced, sustainable artist life at the Halsey Institute.

Grant Writing for Artists workshops in South Carolina (October 21) and Baltimore (December 6). “I didn’t sign up to be a grantwriter. I wanted to be a choreographer. I discovered that, to make my work, I needed to find support. So I embarked on a painful learning process of trial and error, making every possible grant writing mistake. Eventually, I secured grants from funders like Creative Capital, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and The Rockefeller Foundation. I want to share with you everything I’ve learned. Based on 20 years of grant writing and art making, I will introduce artists to principles for writing simple, clear grants. No bull, no fancy powerpoints, just real-world tools for being an artist who writes grants.” –Andrew Simonet

Building a Sustainable Life as an Artist workshops in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Why artists are poor and why they shouldn’t be. Tools and principles artists have used to make it sustainable.

7 x 7: Philadelphia Artist Pecha Kucha. Grab a beer and watch seven Philly artists share their work for seven minutes each.


We’re starting a community conversation about gender and equity in the arts. More to follow.

Our Artists Raising Kids workshop is now a Creative Capital webinar.

We’re working on a Spanish translation of the ebook.

Signups and info are on our website:

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