Fresh Produce Records hosts a session in honor of hip hop – Knight Foundation

Fresh Produce Records hosts a session in honor of hip hop

Discover the “Elements of Hip Hop” during April’s First Friday Hip Hop Ensemble at Fresh Produce Records.

One of the most eclectic places in downtown Macon happens to be a Knight Arts grantee called Fresh Produce Records. Everything outside of the norm definitely happens at this business venue. You may be strolling down Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and witness an old school bus being transformed into a party bus in the alley right next door. The music and lights coming from the “school bus” might lure you to step inside to see what’s happening. That’s just one occasion. There may be also be instances when you pass by and see all kinds of  youngsters with skateboards and Afros spilling outside of the venue during a Battle of the DJs performance.

Your sight may not be the only sense through which you can experience the different vibes that Fresh Produce Records projects in our small town. The scent of Nag Champa incense burning may draw some into the record store. Health-conscious eaters, vegetarians and vegans are lured to the spot – which is also, in part, a farmer’s market – for its selection of locally sourced groceries. Through its eclectic offerings, Fresh Produce Records has targeted a demographic that enjoys retro and out-of-the-box happenings, and the company has filled a void for this crowd in Macon.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that they would host a night dedicated to original hip hop. From 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. on April 3, every component of hip hop will be displayed at Fresh Produce Records during their First Friday Hip Hop Ensemble. The DJs are, of course, a given; however, pop-locking and break dancing will be exhibited too, along with graffiti and lyrical flow. Some of the participants include Dontrell Page, DJ Uh-Oh, S3ktor and Wet Paint of Foe Found Productions, in addition to DJ Blak Jack, DJ Choice Cut and DJ Y-FII. On another note, Big Ben, Bob Lennon and Jaye Nice will be the live masters of ceremonies for this event. This whole night will consist of retro hip hop activities.

April’s First Friday Hip Hop Ensemble will take place on April 3 at Fresh Produce Records, 451 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Macon; 478-257-6666. Keep up with Fresh Produce Records via their Facebook page.