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GABBAfest 2014 attracts musicians and Allman Brothers Band fans

The Allman Brothers Band (Oct. 1971 – Oct. 1972).

The Allman Brothers Band had a unique way of bringing all types of people together in the name of music. They were an essential force of crossing cultures and placing Macon on the global radar. The Allman Brothers Band planted a family tree that still stands strong, and you don’t have to be kinfolk to be a limb on this tree. Through the years, so many people have gravitated toward the energy of the Allman Brothers Band. They have a legacy that’s being nurtured by their blood offspring, as well as non-profit organizations formed by faithful fans.

The Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association, which is known as GABBA for short, has been producing a festival in Macon since 1992. They aren’t affiliated with the band or the museum. However, they coordinate this festival in an effort to fund almost anything associated with the Allman Brothers Band, from the Capricorn Studio to the Rose Hill Cemetery.

Each year during the GABBAfest, they book artists to perform at venues around town. This year’s theme is “In the Footsteps of Duane Allman.” The presenting venue for this year’s festival is The 567 Center for Renewal. On September 26, the program starts off with Freddy’s Finest and the Decoys. The next night features Window Plane and the Jack Pearson Band. Although Lamar Williams, Jr. will not be performing at the presenting venue, brotherly love will be spread as he performs at The Hummingbird on the night of September 27. In addition to the live bands, the GABBAfest recognizes people who have nurtured the Allman Brothers Band legacy with an award ceremony called the GABBY Awards.

Hundreds of people are attracted to this event. Many fans and musicians come from all over for this reunion.

Weekend tickets can be purchased for $45. You can also buy t-shirts and memberships to support GABBA’s mission by clicking here.