Get ready for the 29th annual International Hispanic Theatre Festival

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Next week, the 29th annual International Hispanic Theatre Festival (IHTF) returns to Miami with a tribute to Argentina. The Festival, which runs from July 10-27, features leading theater companies from Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and the United States.

“Caligula” by Cibrián Campoy and Ángel Malher.

The festival opens with “Caligula” (July 10, 11 and 12), a raucous musical from Argentina created by Pepe Cibrián Campoy and Ángel Malher from their celebrated Cibrián-Mahler Company. As the name suggests, “Caligula” addresses the eternal struggle between the powerful and the powerless through the eyes of the Roman Emperor’s subjects. Even if they find freedom from tyranny, the memory of the tyrant will always linger.

On Friday and Saturday, July 18-19, at 10 p.m., Teatro Musical Contemporaneo, another well-known Argentinean theater company, opens with “Bromas y Lamentos” (“Jokes & Laments”). Written and directed by Marcelo Lombardero, “Bromas y Lamentos” is a complex, thought-provoking and funny dialogue that questions the foundations of Baroque music and avant-garde theater.

The International Hispanic Theatre Festival also features work by Miami-based theater companies Teatro Avante and Miami Dade College’s Teatro Prometeo. Teatro Prometeo will have a staged reading of Patricia Suárez’s “Querido San Antonio,” a play that examines the rigid gender roles that society forces women to play.

These performances, along with a long list of scheduled events, are just a small sample of the breadth of work coming to Miami for the festival. For a complete listing of times, dates and locations, visit