Images from 1,412 people on display in Greater Philly Photo Day 2015 Exhibition

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Photo: A view of the Greater Philly Photo Day 2015 Exhibition, currently on display at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center gallery.

If you live in Philadelphia, October presented an incredible opportunity for photographers. This year, on Oct. 9, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center encouraged everyone around the city to take a picture for Philly Photo Day. This initiative by the Knight grantee was a tribute to the ubiquity of photography in our daily lives, and honored not only the professionals among us, but also anyone with a smartphone and a bit of inspiration.

To extend the reach of this ambitious project, 2015 also found the project with a slightly different name: Greater Philly Photo Day, which now includes not only the City of Brotherly Love, but also 11 neighboring counties as well.

With this project, everyone was given an equal opportunity to share their perspective on the Greater Philadelphia region by snapping a shot from their daily lives, composing an interesting photograph, or capturing a new angle on a familiar sight. Throughout the exhibit that is currently on display in the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center gallery in the Crane Arts Building, one can find images of skyscrapers, pets, street scenes, landscapes, interiors, quirky observations, artistic arrangements or portraits of friends and family–practically anything someone might take a picture of.

The photographers range from school students to professionals and everyone in between, and the scale of it all is as much a part of the fare as any individual photo. This year, 1,412 photographs from Oct. 9 adorn the walls of the gallery with just about every color, pattern or texture imaginable, creating a framework of square and rectangular slices of our world.

Even if you can’t manage to visit the physical exhibit, it’s still possible to see all of the photos in the online gallery, along with an interactive geotagged map that shows the specific locations where many of the pictures were shot.

Greater Philly Photo Day is an amazing chance for professional and budding photographers to rub elbows and share their creativity. As a project that transcends age, skill level and background, it is an unprecedented celebration of images at a time when anyone can capture a photo with their phone and share it with the world. With a common subject–the Philadelphia region–and a single day, anyone who might only show a picture to their Facebook friends can now have all of Philadelphia as their audience.

The Greater Philly Photo Day 2015 Exhibition runs through Jan. 2, 2016.