Highlighting the 2%: the Knight News Challenge: Data finalists

This morning, we announced the winners of the Knight News Challenge: Data.

We’d also like to share the 15 finalists. While we weren’t able to fund all of them, we enjoyed getting to know more about the people and ideas behind them, and hope to see them come to life in the months ahead. We’ve heard that it’s valuable for people to see the original applications for the projects that rose to the top, so gathered them them all in one place. If you want to learn more about each of the finalists and the winners, check out the links to each of their original submissions (an asterisk notes a News Challenge: Data winner). (*) Joe Germuska, John Keefe, Ryan Pitts, Investigative Reporters & Editors Community Health Analytics: Making Community Health Data Useful Scott Lee, Harvard University Computer Assisted Text Analysis for Journalism Gary King, Harvard University Data Toys Heather Chaplin, Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, The New School The Internet of News Things Matt Waite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Hyperaudio Pad Mark Boas, Happyworm LocalData (*) Alicia Rouault, Prashant Singh and Matt Hampel, Amplify Labs Mapping LA API Ben Welsh, The Los Angeles Times New tools for OpenStreetMap (*) Eric Gundersen, Development Seed Inc. Open Elections (*) Derek Willis, The New York Times; Serdar Tumgoren, The Washington Post OpenIR: Mapping Your Environment in a New Light Arlene Ducao, MIT Media Lab Pop Up Archive (*) Bailey Smith and Anne Wootton Safecast Radiation & Air Quality (*) Sean Bonner, Safecast Sentiment Analysis Engine for Chinese Social Media David Wertime, Tea Leaf Nation Social Bots Nicolas Della Penna By Knight’s John Bracken, director/journalism and media innovation and Chris Sopher, journalism program associate.