Holocaust Theater Archive: A conference in two acts. Different players, same agenda

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The National Jewish Theater Foundation (NJTF) is pleased to announce its upcoming Holocaust Theater Archive (HTA) Conference, scheduled to take place in Miami in two sessions: May 15th & 16th and May 22nd & 23rd. This invitation-only, working two-day conference is generously supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Participants in the first session will include: NJTF/HTA Founder and President Arnold Mittelman, Dr. Al Goldfarb, Dr. Jeffrey Solomon, Dr. Haim Shaked, Dr. William L. Shulman, Bret Werb, Alan Berger, Rebecca Rovit, Derek Goldman, Dr. David G. Marwell, Teresa Eyrng, Kim Simon, Seth Kaufman, Dean Brian Schriner, Mira Hirsch, Dean William D. Walker, and Dr. Lyn MacCorkle. The second session of the conference will include: Arnold Mittelman, Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Dr. Alvin Goldfarb, Dr. Haim Shaked, Dean William D. Walker, David Y. Chack, Robert Skloot, Dr. Miriam Klein Kassenoff, Alan Levy, Abbie Van Nostrand, Dr. Gene A. Plunka, John Eisner, Susan Albert Loewenberg, Eugene Rothman, Matt Haggman, Michael S. Glickman, Nancy Schwartz Sternoff, Phyllis Teicher Goldman, and James H.T. McConnell, Jr. This noteworthy group of theater practitioners, artists, scholars, academicians and philanthropists will lead a discourse on the framework of NJTF / HTA, an online digital database and physical repository of post-World War II, Holocaust-related theatrical texts and artifacts. In addition to providing much-needed research materials, NJTF / HTA will promote the ever-increasing amount of quality productions worldwide of Holocaust-related theater and academic curricula.

President of the Association of Holocaust Organizations Dr. William Shulman has said, “The Holocaust Theater Archive is an important, indeed necessary, addition to the resources available to educators and scholars of the Holocaust and to the theater community. There is no other comprehensive archive devoted to this subject in existence.” Furthermore, Arnold Mittelman had the following to say about this ambitious initiative: “To honor the victims and their families and to serve society, the Holocaust Theater Archive will continue the task at hand to document, educate and inspire the creation and performance of relevant theater works to be made available to the widest possible population.”