Inauguaral exhibition at the Detroit Creative Corridor Center

There’s a small art and design show on view at the Detroit Creative Corridor Center’s new Accelerator Studio gallery that’s well worth a look. Featuring the work of five local artists, “Detroit: Creative Concept” commemorates the July 12 grand opening of the studio/gallery space, which is located in the College for Creative StudiesTaubman Center. The Detroit Creative Corridor Center is devoted to growing Detroit’s nascent creative economy; to that end, the Accelerator Studio is a resource available to start-up creative businesses, providing access to meeting space, a design library, technology resources and mentors.

The artists participating in “Detroit: Creative Concept” were asked to think about how their work communicates with and about the creative communities of which they are a part. The result is a loose collection of diverse work, including Katherine Maurer’s sensitive oil and graphite impressions of the Woodbridge neighborhood (a longtime home to Detroit artists), as well as pieces by Sean Hages made with iron oxide on canvas. These depict disassembled remnants of complex machinery that seem to be coalescing into new forms of their own accord.

The most striking work in the show is by Scott Berels. His “Gregarious Glue” includes three sculptures made from steel, porcelain, plexiglass, zip ties and string. The artist says the piece is a “visual analogy of a culmination of all the elements of a community communicating.” It’s beautiful stuff, at once synthetic and organic, and possessing such motion that the individual pieces seem to burgeon and grow in front of you.

It’s a curious arrangement, using a single space to house both a working business development studio and an art gallery that’s accessible to the public. In fact, if you visit the show, there’s a decent chance you’ll bump into someone working out ideas for their new creative business. But, of course, that’s the whole point. What a great way to get a community communicating.

The DC3 Accelerator Studio is located inside the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education, 406 W. Baltimore Ave., Detroit; Hours are 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. The exhibition is on view until September 16.