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Land Mindz uses art as therapy

Auditions for Macon the Stage: Artistic Expo will be held at Fresh Produce Records on March 21.

A sometimes forgotten piece of American history is that many states in our nation, including Georgia, were formed from the labor and minds of servants sent here to work in penal colonies. Some of these individuals became key players in building what is now known as the United States of America. Without advocating crime, we have to realize that as humans, we may make mistakes and terrible decisions at some point of our lives. On the contrary, that doesn’t mean there’s little hope for rehabilitation, unless the individual has decided to make a lifestyle of criminal activity.

Land Mindz is a nonprofit organization that was created to use all disciplines of art to help people who have been homeless, incarcerated or addicted to drugs. Its mission was especially designed to help at-risk people regain an equilibrium and establish lives in which their prior mishaps are no longer dominant. While Land Mindz focuses on identifying vulnerable souls, anyone over age 18 is welcome to participate in the group’s showcases and theatrical productions. The founder of this outfit is Shelton Land, and he formed the group in 2005. Land was inspired to use the arts and everyday survival tactics to help at-risk people become more well-rounded citizens. In addition to applying music, poetry and theater to these goals, other programs are offered that teach participants about employment, finance, hygiene and more.

On March 21st, Land Mindz is holding auditions for its annual fundraiser, Macon the Stage: Artistic Expo, which will take place in June of this year. Anyone 18 or older is welcome to register. This call for talent will take place at Fresh Produce Records on 451 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Last year, the occasion created a buzz by connecting people who wouldn’t normally have come together, if it were not for their creative expressions.

Auditions for Macon the Stage: Artistic Expo will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 21 at Fresh Produce Records, 451 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Macon; 866-868-4557; To register for a five-minute audition time slot, click here.