Maximizing our imprint by minimizing our footprint

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By Bonita Buford, Gantt Center

Pastor David Williams of Gastonia, North Carolina was the winner of the Harvey B. Gantt Center Imprint Contest, coming closest to guessing the number of plastic water bottles that were recycled and used to create outdoor signage for the Center’s America I AM: The African American Imprint exhibition.  Of the answers submitted, his guess of 788 plastic bottles came closest to the correct number of 1088 plastic bottles.

“It was a great surprise when I found out that I’d won,” said Pastor Williams. “We [my family and I] always make sure we help out with recycling in our community, so I’m glad to have put that knowledge to good use.”

Contest Winner Pastor David Williams with America I AM signage at Gantt Center entrance.

Williams won two tickets to see America I AM, a historical exhibition which outlines pivotal moments of courage, conviction and creativity.   The multimedia presentation includes rare documents, photographs and more than two hundred original artifacts which demonstrate the economic, socio-political, cultural and spiritual impact African Americans have had on the United States and the world.  The exhibition, originally slated to end January 1, has been extended to March 2, 2013.  Along with tickets to view America I AM, Williams was also awarded a one-night stay at the historic Dunhill Hotel located in Uptown Charlotte.

The Gantt Center partnered with local company, Fabrix, Inc. to develop the signage, minimizing the Center’s carbon footprint even more.

“We were looking for a company that produced effective high quality signage that was not only eco-friendly but also reasonably priced,” said Gantt Center Marketing Specialist Sharon Holm.  “Lisa and Scott Donovan, owners of Fabrix, partnered with us to provide the best solution for our exhibition.  We were happy to work with a green business that employs and serves the community,” continued Holm. “By incorporating eco-friendly signage into our exhibition we maintained the commitment to sustainability practiced by our facility’s namesake Harvey Gantt and the Center’s architect Phil Freelon.”

“Opportunities for energy efficiency, recycled materials, efficient land use and air quality were incorporated when the Freelon Group constructed the Center,” said Anna Marich, Director of Visual Communications of the Freelon Group, “so we are very happy the Center chose eco-friendly signage for this exhibition.”

“Fabrix, Inc. prides itself on being project-based, collaborative and solution oriented. We worked closely with the Gantt Center to promote the America I Am exhibit using a creative, sustainable signage system that reflected the uniqueness of the exhibit and complimented the Gantt Center building,” concluded Scott Donovan, co-owner of the firm.  “As a result, 1088 plastic drink bottles were diverted from the landfill.”

Tavis Smiley (l), Harvey B. Gantt(r) and youth at America I AM opening ceremony.

Tavis Smiley (l), Harvey B. Gantt(r) and youth at America I AM opening ceremony.