Mira Que Lindas Latin Alternative Music Showcase

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Just in case you’re not receiving Aleks Syntek‘s Twitter feeds in English, let me translate the Mexican pop star’s latest message for you: “I’m not going to bed. I’m getting up and going to the airport for a trip to Miami.” That’s because he’s headed to the Mira Que Lindas (Look, How Lovely) exhibit of more than 500 album covers from Latin alternative bands since, well, the beginning of Latin rock and roll (which, in case you’re counting, began about the same time it did in the United States). I’m headed that way too, cuz tonight I’ll have the pleasure of moderating a panel of photographers, graphic designers, and other creators of the look of Latin cool — and after that, I’ll be interviewing Syntek about his music and why what the music looks like matters.

Against the backdrop of the most iconic images of Latin Alernative’s analog age, some of the most important visual artists working on the scene today will discuss the impact of digital delivery on their work. Sitting in will be photographer Maria Madrigal of the influential Latin rock rag La Banda Elastica, who has taken some of the most enduring images of Latin America’s biggest rock stars. So will Carlos Perez of Elastic People, the design company behind some of the hottest music videos in rock and reggaeton. We’ll also be chatting with Quique Ollervides, whose firm Hula Hula writes the names that sing the songs (that is, they come up with some really cool fonts). Here’s what Hula Hula came up for the guest of honor tonight. Rounding out the panel will be Toto Gonzalez of the event promotion and online news outfit Fabrika and Nicaraguan alternative artist Ramon Mejía – Perrozompopo. After all that chatter, I’ll have a chat with Syntek on stage, Actor’s Studio-style, asking him a question or two in between songs. I hope you’ll join us for a night that will please the eyes, the ears, and the mind.

Mira Qué Lindas is on exhibit at the Awarehouse, 550 NW 29th Street, Miami; tonight’s event featuring Aleks Syntek and graphic designers begins at 7:00 pm; on June 10, the showcase features Debi Nova and the panel topic is Do It Yourself: the Challenges of the Music Business; on 17 the featured artist is Yamandú Costa and the panel is on Publishers and Songwriters. Suggested donation $5. Presented by the Latin Recording Academy. Call 305-576-0036 for reservations.