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Brookhart Jonquil at Emerson Dorsch Gallery.

Wynwood’s Second Saturdays has become the art world’s favorite punching bag. No one apparently likes the crowded night, not galleries, artists, collectors. Or so you’d think. The night is a circus, no doubt about it, but some people do like a circus, and crowds, when they are in Wynwood, sometimes it beats wondering around alone on a hot Wednesday afternoon to look at art.

Yes, there are clearly drawbacks to this once-a-month event – drunken kids and adults bumping into artworks, traffic, impossible parking – all of which might keep real art lovers away, there is still something to an egalitarian night. Who knows, some of those outside of the art circle might encounter a work other than a crafty wall flower, and buy it, and maybe start looking more closely at art in general. There still is the power of word-of-mouth, or these days, social media publicity. Someone may have no clue about the art they are snapping, but when it shows up on Facebook, someone else might, or be interested in inquiring about it anyhow. It is a reason for galleries to keep their doors open, even for a short while, on Saturday.

But for those who can’t bear the thought of elbowing your way through the masses and the smell of food trucks, these days there are numerous alternatives that still involve some people, some culture and some social interaction for a night. For instance, last night on a Thursday, David Castillo opened his new solo show of Francie Bishop Good’s photography, “Far From Apple Hill,” portraits conflating time and place, memory and reality. Gallery Diet held a one-night-only solo event from Nicolas Lobo, a “listening party” for Justin Timberlake’s come-back album “The 20/20 Experience,” which also included recent artworks from the artist.

Miami City Ballet Dancers Sara Esty, Leigh Ann Esty, and Nicole Stalker at the Lab Miami

Miami City Ballet Dancers Sara Esty, Leigh Ann Esty and Nicole Stalker at the Lab Miami.

Tonight, Friday, another round of openings. One of the most anticipated: the unveiling of the new Emerson Dorsch gallery and revamped building, with two shows that looks to be great – large-scale sculptures from Brookhart Jonquil, who has delivered some impressive stuff in the past; and an installation from Rene Barge, who true to form will include sound and multi-media elements. Over on the next block, the Snitzer Gallery will reveal new paintings from an artist who needs no introduction here, Hernan Bas.

If, however, you are feeling inundated by visual art, tonight there are also some alternatives in the Wynwood area. For instance, the interesting collaboration as part of the really interesting O, Miami Poetry Festival. Three principal dancers from the Miami City Ballet will perform with poet Barbara Lisette Anderson for free, at 8 p.m. at Lab Miami (400 NW 26th St.).  The Harold Golen Gallery (2294 NW 2nd Ave.) will feature a music performance of contemporary Italian violin, led by Marco Fusi, as part of the Acoustica 21 series from the Feta Foundation, at 8 p.m., $7.

And aside from the specific performances, all of these shows will be open beyond this evening, for Second Saturday, and on through the month.