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Motown Night primes audiences for exhibition on Macon music

The Tubman Museum. Photo via the Tubman Museum Facebook page.

The Tubman Museum in Macon, Ga. is dedicated to educating people about African American history, art and culture. Based out of an expansive new 49,000-square-foot facility as of earlier this year, the museum–which has received more than $250,000 in funding from Knight Foundation through multiple grants–continues its efforts to create programming that will engage the community with its mission. 

One method that’s always popular: a great party. Hence, the upcoming Motown Night at the Tubman Museum on Nov. 7. Ken Trimmins and Drew Smith are among the featured musicians and singers that will bring the music of Motown to life on stage. In addition to the concert, AJ the DJ will spin a playlist of Motown hits, accompanied by music videos on big screens in the Tubman Museum’s rotunda. During the night, members of the audience will have a chance to participate in a karaoke set consisting only of Motown songs.

Motown at the Tubman is happening on Nov. 7.

“The reason I decided to do Motown Night at Tubman is because this extraordinary record company did not just create music for all, but it broke down barriers between the races. It created a movement back in time where we could all be in one room together,” said Harold Young, special events manager for the Tubman and coordinator of Motown Night. “As a former employee of the company, this night is very special to me. I aim to bring different cultures together and have a good time with light refreshments, drinks, live music and dancing to the great sounds of one of the greatest music companies in history.”

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Motown was a driving force in bringing members of the black and white communities together for music and concerts, and some of that racial healing may continue to be necessary today.

With its various projects and developments, Macon-Bibb County is also attracting people from all around the globe–something that is helping the current community grow in many different ways. “Georgia Traveler,” a television show that airs on Georgia Public Broadcasting, will be filming footage of Motown Night at the Tubman for one of its upcoming episodes. This show was designed to give people ideas of the many things to do while in Georgia, and the hosts of the show help the viewers understand the dynamics of every attraction they visit.

Motown Night at the Tubman is also serving as a mechanism to inform the community and surrounding areas about a permanent music exhibit that’s coming soon to the Tubman Museum. The working title of the exhibit is “Macon Music: the Soul of Rock and Roll,” and the projected cost to roll out such an interactive and informative display is approximately $800,000. This exhibit will not be limited to history on individual artists. It will highlight radio stations, studios and venues that catered to local artists who made music in Macon. Consider Motown Night a primer.

 Motown Night at the Tubman will take place on Nov. 7. Tickets are $25 and available online.