New Year’s weekend resolution

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Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida 1980-1983.

The holidays are over, the new year has begun, and life slowly returns to normal, which for Miami continues to mean the exhibiting of a wide range of art. This weekend, if you haven’t visited the Lowe Art Museum in a while, be sure to catch “Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Prints and Objects,” which will be closing on the 13th.

Not only is the public work of this duo some of the most famous and recognizable projects in the world, but they of course had a special relationship to Miami, due to their pink islands, when they surrounded islands in Biscayne Bay in the early 1980s with hot-pink fabric. They would wrap the Reichstag in Berlin after the Wall came down, The Gates of Central Park in New York, the Sydney Opera House in Australia. After the death of Jeanne-Claude, Christo has continued to work on massive projects, including on a river in Colorado.

But this exhibit intends to look more closely at the conceptualization, preparation and the intense planning that must go into such installations, years and years in advance. Illustrations, drawings and sketches here span decades, starting from 1962.

Tomorrow night, ArtCenter/South Florida (a Knight Arts grantee) continues with their new night, the first Saturday Studio Crawl – intentionally set as to not compete with Second Saturdays. This evening is a chance to preview the latest, alternative exhibit in the annex upstairs space on the 900 block of Lincoln Road. “Minotaurocracy” by Wes Kline. The artist “reimagines” a film (which remained unproduced) by mid-century avant-garde filmmaker Hans Richter with performance vignettes and photographic archival footage. Then wonder to the 800 block for the group show “smoke signals: istwa, paisajes and allegories” but make sure to linger in front of the main building under the awning, where the sound-scape project The Listening Gallery from Gustavo Matamoros (a Knight Arts grantee) has come to complete fruition. His sound studio, along with the art studios of all the other ArtCenter artists, will be open in both buildings.

“Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Prints and Objects” runs through Jan. 13 at the Lower Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Dr., Coral Gables; Studio Crawl at ArtCenter/South Florida, Jan. 5, 7-10 p.m., 800-810 and 924 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach;