New York dominates new Miami shows

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Justin H. Long at Emerson Dorsch Gallery.

In many parts of the culture world, summer has set in – the number of performances, concerts and dances have dwindled to a trickle, most groups have moved on to plotting their fall seasons. But in the visual arts world, it may as well still be peak time. This weekend – not even a Second Saturday – everyone seems to be clamoring to open their doors to new shows, and quality stuff too.

So tonight, the second group of shows at the newly renamed and revamped Emerson Dorsch Gallery. The first is a group show “Object implied,” a mixture of Brooklyn-based and Miami-based artists, with one from L.A., six in all. Of the first group, Dave Hardy has shown at Jack Shainman and PS1, while Ryan Roa has been exhibited at the Bronx Museum and had a residency here at The Fountainhead. The two Miamians are Robert Thiele and Odalis Valdivieso. In the project space is yet another viewing of Justin H. Long’s latest work, “Mantucket,” which includes pieces made from Brooks Brothers’ shirts and a video tackling his relationship with yacht culture.

Shinique Smith at David Castillo Gallery

Shinique Smith at David Castillo Gallery.

In Wynwood as well: a solo show from another New York artist, Shinique Smith, painting and sculpture from the hot artist at David Castillo Gallery, “Kaleidoscopic.”  Her best-known works weave clothing and materials into large, multi-colored sculptures, quilt-like (locally,  piece of hers is included in the 15th anniversary exhibit at MOCA, “Pivot Points”).

And yet another New Yorker, the Bronx-raised Ronny Quevedo, will get a solo show at the Carol Jazzar Gallery, of paintings that deconstruct one of our most popular public spaces – sports arenas. Using shoe polish and candy wrappers, just some of his unconventional materials, he re-imagines our sprawling arenas and stadiums, sans the fans and players, in “Ulama, Ule Ole.”

“Object implied” and “Mantucket” runs through June 8 at Emerson Dorsch, 151 N.W. 24 St., Miami; Shinique Smith “Kaleidoscopic” runs through July 6 at David Castillo Gallery, 2234 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miami;   “Ulama, Ule Ole” runs through June 30, Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, 158 N.W. 91 St., Miami;