Penumbra celebrates Sha Cage and other Twin Cities female artists of color in a “Womansong” showcase

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Sha Cage. Photo courtesy of Penumbra Theatre

Tonight, Penumbra Theatre’s co-artistic director, Sarah Bellamy, will host a “Womansong” showcase curated by actor, playwright and poet Sha Cage, “which celebrates the poetry and musicality of black women artists in the Twin Cities.” The evening will center on Cage’s work spotlighting talented women and girls in the local arts scene and include an eclectic array of performances – by musicians Maria Isa and Mayda; Children’s Theatre Company rising star Traci Allen; performer, playwright and self-described “global nomad” Aamera Siddiqui; Penumbra Summer Institute alum and LGBTQ activist Deja Stowers; Sha Cage herself, and others.

The latest installment in the Knight Arts grantee company’s Let’s Talk Theatre series, the night’s activities will begin with socializing over light apps and drinks, followed by an hour-and-a-half of song, dance and spoken word and discussion. (If you’re curious to hear more, KFAI “Art Matters” host Marya Morstad interviewed Cage just last week about tonight’s event.)

The program puts a local lens to Penumbra’s “Womansong”-themed 2014-15 performance season, particularly focused on presenting work by female playwrights and directors, and notable women on stage and screen. In the coming weeks, look for two one-woman shows to take Penumbra’s stage – “On the Way to Timbuktu” (written and performed by Petronia Paley) and “The Peculiar Patriot” (written and performed by Liza Jessie Peterson).

The Let’s Talk Theatre event, “Womansong,” is Monday, September 29, 5:30 p.m. at Penumbra Theatre, 270 North Kent St., St. Paul. Tickets are $15 and may be reserved online here. For more information, visit the company’s website: