Performance artists invade Miami

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Edge Zones presents the 2013 Miami Performance International Festival. Curated by Charo Oquet, the festival obliterates the line between viewers and mid-career and emerging artists from Miami and around the world. In its second year, the festival takes place in Miami’s Design District and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and runs from June 1-30.

“Mezclilla/Denim.” Photo by Neil de la Flor

Last weekend, Edge Zone artists took over the Design District with “Mezcilia/Denim,” a street performance that consisted of several artists literally sewn together. While the street performers made their way around the Design District, Miami artist David Rohn, with Carlota Pradera and Danilo de la Torre, performed “Affordable Care” at the gallery space. “Affordable Care” was a moving commentary on the cost of healthcare and consequences of aging.

David Rohn. Photo by Neil de la Flor.

David Rohn. Photo by Neil de la Flor

The festival, which is now entering its second week, continues with an extensive lineup of video screenings, talks and workshops that will culminate in a series of events over four days. The festival provides the community with an opportunity for the community to experience working artists close-up. All events are free, but space is limited.

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