Roasted Cafe and Lounge exhibits alternative, indie rock and international sounds

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Roasted Cafe and Lounge offers so much more than coffee, adult beverages and great food. They are creating an eclectic and international vibe by booking groups like England in 1819, Anna Mae Kersey and One Horse Parade. All of these performing and recording artists have some type of ties to Macon and Georgia. At the same time, they’re making major moves all over the nation as well as overseas.

England in 1819

England in 1819.

It’s quite amazing that a venue so small would have such a dynamic impact on downtown Macon with the arts, as far as booking these type of acts. At one stop, you can enjoy coffee, a metropolitan menu and cool weekend shows. Let’s zoom in on the groups for the show that’s happening at Roasted Cafe and Lounge Friday, February 21. First, there’s, England in 1819, a duo from Athens, Ga., which has actually lived in the English countryside. They bring an international appeal because of their time spent across the pond. Currently, this group stays busy booking shows all over America. Next, there’s Anna Mae Kersey out of Macon with her alternative, powerful and top-notch sounds. Finally, another group from Macon by the name of One Horse Parade projects sounds that are bold, hard core and heavy.

Anna Mae Kersey photo by Cory Mcburnett

Anna Mae Kersey photo by Cory Mcburnett.

There’s no doubt about this combination of artists pleasing the crowd. This concert is free, for all ages and will pop off around 10:30 p.m. Roasted Cafe and Lounge is one business that’s setting the bar for making our Second Street Corridor a fun and successful district for all.

One Horse Parade logo

Roasted Cafe: 442 Second St., Macon; 478-746-6914