Rudi Goblen wants to unbreak your heart

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Written and performed by Rudi Goblen, “Pet” takes the audience by the heart and guides them through the chaotic and often confusing world of love where the end of love may lead to one’s own end—or group therapy.

Rudi Goblen.

This is where “Pet” takes off. “Pet” is theater set in a support group meeting for ex-lovers/serial monogamists. The performance is culled from interviews and shared experiences of the broken-hearted, and its goal is to communicate the nuanced and nutty world of love. In this sacred and scary space, the language between two humans becomes a complex, alien equation fraught with danger and anxiety. However, if one is willing to love and be loved in return, the payoff can be absolute astonishing.

A broken heart turns the scruffy-faced Rubi Goblen into a clean-shaven anti-hero who may just jump for love. According to Goblen, “Broken hearts and serial monogamy are found in every one in one Americans and can lead to clinical depression, chronic anxiety, alcoholism, perfuse vomiting, irritable bowl syndrome, night sweats and murder.” Since this chronic love illness is so widespread, there’s bound to be someone (or everyone) out there willing to share their stories of heart-break. “Pet” is the place where these stories live.

“Pet” will be performed May 10-11 at 8 p.m. at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, 404 NW 26 St., Miami. Tickets are available for purchase here: