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Shindig starring the 2015 Readers Choice Awards DJ nominees

Each year, The 11th Hour, a local newspaper that covers Middle Georgia, produces a Readers Choice Awards ceremony to recognize key players who make up the community, dining and entertainment scenes. This year’s award concert and presentation will take place on April 11th. One of the categories generating the most buzz and anticipation is the competition for Best DJ, with nominees leveraging social media to drive fans to vote online. It’s quite an honor for all of the nominees, even though the DJ candidates might get the most attention.

This year, the public is invited to the 11th Hour DJ Nominee Party in downtown Macon on March 27th. All five of the Readers Choice Awards DJ contenders will spin sounds during this affair. The five prospects up to become the 2015 Readers Choice Awards DJ are DJ B3, DJ Protege, DJ Shawty Slim, DJ Squirrelly and DJ Bruce Wonder. All of them rock the house wherever they pump the music. They all know how to feel out the crowd and cater to them. All of these disc jockeys also introduce world music to their audience, every time they get a chance. This year’s lineup of contenders is going to be a tight competition because they’re all super sound flippers.

From 5 p.m. until 9 p.m., these five mix masters can be found at Main Street Pizza on 344 Second Street. Honestly, between these five guys there will be music from almost every genre coming out of the speaker boxes. Throughout the year, all of them have collaborated to display their talents at numerous parties. Although they are competitors, they work well together. While you’re waiting for the 2015 Readers Choice Awards, make sure to log on and vote for your favorite DJ by clicking here for the ballot.

The 11th Hour DJ Nominee Party will take place on March 27th at Main Street Pizza, 344 Second St., Macon; 478-744-9880. The 11th Hour’s Readers Choice Awards will take place at 7 p.m. on April 9 at the Cox Capitol Theatre.