Sol LeWitt installation comes to Einstein Medical Center

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Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, the new hospital located on 87 acres of a former golf course in Montgomery County, has just unveiled their installation of work by the renowned modern American artist Sol LeWitt. Opened in September 2012, Einstein Montgomery places an emphasis on architecture and design alongside their medical expertise in order to enhance patients’ experiences at the location.

A view of the newly installed “Wall Drawing #972” by Sol Lewitt. Photo courtesy Canary Promotion

Through a generous loan from the artist’s estate, Einstein Montgomery is now graced with the presence of a rare work of art by one of the 20th century’s most prominent names in conceptual work. Entitled “Wall Drawing #972,” the work presents Sol LeWitt’s late 1960s efforts to provide detailed guidelines for the creation of large-scale, two-dimensional installations. This piece in particular is bright and vibrant, depicting boxes rendered in solid colors against equally bright, and sometime complementary colors.

Sol LeWitt Paint

The hallway mural is painted on site. Photo courtesy Canary Promotion

At Einstein, the idea of aesthetics is very important in the process of providing holistic care to patients, as well as a visual treat for staff members and visitors. The installation is located in the facility’s main corridor, and unlike Sol LeWitt’s other images in the Philadelphia area, it is free and accessible to the public.

Sol LeWitt Door

Another view of the wall drawing across a doorway. Photo courtesy Canary Promotion

With 146 beds and rooms awash with natural light, the state-of-the-art facility of Einstein Medical Center Montgomery seeks to provide a comfortable and enlivening environment for healing. Einstein HealthCare Network President and Chief Executive Officer Barry R. Freedman and his team seek to acquire and display a variety of artworks because they believe in the uplifting qualities of art. The bold colors of LeWitt are certainly no exception.

Of course, there is no rush to see these giant, geometric wall paintings since they are on loan to the hospital for the next 25 years. What is sure is that Einstein Medical Center’s commitment to care moves beyond physical medicine to the inspiring and creative regions of the mind. Sol LeWitt’s paintings help to brighten the day of everyone that finds themselves at this Montgomery County location.

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery is located at 559 West Germantown Pike, East Norriton; 484-622-1000;