The Miami Film Development Project presents “The Business of Filmmaking”

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By Verena Faden, The Miami Film Development Project

On Saturday, March 28, the Miami Film Development Project will be presenting as part of it’s Film Education Initiative the award-winning screenwriter, film director and producer Verena Faden at the Coral Gables Art Cinema to lead “The Business of Filmmaking”; a workshop delving into the challenges of running a film production company. Info and tickets for “The Business of Filmmaking” workshop and other upcoming MFDP events can be found here.

Verena Faden

As founder & CEO of the successful Faden To Black Pictures, Verena Faden constantly confronts the creative and financial challenges of being a professional artist. In this Film Education Initiative inaugural workshop event, Faden will discuss in an open forum the ways creatives can work to attract clients and increase freelancing opportunities by offering creative services that aim to provoke, inspire, challenge and artistically satisfy creatives and paying clients alike.

Faden made her first splash as a filmmaker in 2002 when she won the Scenarios USA ‘What’s The Real Deal?’ writing contest. Her winning script was turned into a short film and directed by David Frankel of The Devil Wears Prada. Soon after, Faden moved to New York City where she received her Bachelors degree in Screenwriting and Directing from The School of Visual Arts. Her work has aired on Showtime, Current TV and in film festivals internationally. Julianne Moore, Alexa Vega, Aimee Carrero and Steven Bauer are notable actors she has directed firsthand. Aside from working in various capacities for other producers, she stays busy producing for her own production company, Faden To Black Pictures. A company develops and produces video for businesses, non-profits, and the event market. She actively seeks powerful stories and opportunities to Direct.

The Miami Film Development Project is a non-profit film production, education and outreach organization dedicated to the construction of a new, internationally acclaimed tradition of independent cinema production in South Florida.

Founded in 2015 by the Coral Gables Cinemateque, MFDP works hand in hand with many private and non-profit organizations dedicated to the causes of supporting, engaging and inspiring South Florida storytellers, filmmakers, multi-media artists and technicians. By way of grants, commissions, corporate underwriting, and public support, MFDP aims to lead in the building of creative, educational and financial infrastructures in support of South Florida filmmakers and multi-media artists. We are dedicated to the support and production of touching, inspiring and engaging works of art, right here at home.

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