TU Dance: February 2013 Update

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By Abdo Sayegh, TU Dance

In early January, TU Dance travelled to New York City to showcase several works for the APAP conference.  Toni and Uri brought the company to The Alvin Ailey Studios where a crowd of more than 100 people -amongst them some presenters- filled the space.  Enriched by the New York energy, the company continued the tour to San Antonio, Texas where they performed to standing ovation audiences and got excellent reviews.  Also, they visited several local schools and connected with the community.

Outreach activities are a very important part of TU Dance’s mission.  Recently, the company visited five different Twin Cities schools teaching master classes for children 8 to 18 years old.  Children and teenagers danced to the charming command of company members:  Alanna, Berit, Elayna, Katelyn, Yusha, and Chris, David, Duncan, Luke and Hassan.

On February 14, the company travels to South Dakota to continue with the tour schedule in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, while TU Dance Center in Saint Paul continues its normal activities.  Touring ahead:  Worthington, MN; Norfolk, Virginia and Houston, TX.

Two great articles were published about TU Dance in the last few weeks, featuring Artistic Director Toni and Uri, and their vision.

Photo by Bill Kelley