Walker West Music Academy: What music means

By Peter Leggett, Walker West Music Academy

This month, Walker West Music Academy is featured as a part of Minnesota Philanthropy Partner’s Nonprofits to Know series. The video focuses on the story of Saliem Hashel, a Walker West violin student who has grown immensely from her time at the Academy. In the video, you can see and hear from Saliem and her family who emigrated from Eritrea many years ago to escape the political strife that had developed in the country.

Saleim’s father Atowerhan got her involved with lessons because he believes that music is a mental exercise that is good for the mind, just as physical exercise is good for the body. He believes ultimately that musical enrichment can support Saliem in having a bright future, one that the family may not have had if they had not come to the United States. When you hear from Saliem, you can tell right away that she has a great time learning at the Academy.  Saturday is her favorite day because its the day that she comes to her lesson. She also likes how fun it is to be around the other students throughout the building, hearing music around every corner.

Earl Ross, the Academy’s violin instructor has worked with Saliem and the Hashel family ever since they began taking lessons at Walker West. Earl believes that he role as an instructor is not only to teach music but to walk hand in hand with the family to ensure that the whole family, not only the student can benefit from music education and enrichment.  It’s this difference that faculty at Walker West Music Academy try to instill in students. And it’s this approach that can ultimately make an impact for students throughout the Summit-University and greater Saint Paul community.

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